Edit project: AgileTravel Full Build RSpec (agiletravel-full-build-rspec)

Execution Mode
Sequential Parallel
Sequential: runs test scripts one by one on the server machine; Parallel: distribute tests to BuildWise agents to run them in parallel to save time and increase reliability.

Source Control

Anthentication: Use Git Credential Manager, set up SSH keys or embed user:pass in .git/config.

Build Steps (only take effect after save, drag to sort execution order)

UI tests (functional tests via GUI)

The folder (relative path) contains the main UI test scripts, such as ui-tests/spec or features.
The directory (relative path) contains generated JUnit style test reports (TEST-XXX.xml), such as spec/reports or log. The output of test reports is set by Rakefile. This setting is for Sequential Build only.
Optional. It is for open test script file directly in TestWise on clicking a filename in BuildWise, e.g. /Users/me/project/spec.

Sequential Test Execution (Run test sequentially on BuildWise server)

Setting the execution order of test scripts by the past execution history.
Insert failed tests from another build project.
  Chrome       Firefox       Internet Explorer       Safari       Edge    
If web apps, set the browser that tests run in. Further test execution customizations, add to environment variables section below.

Environment Variables   (pass to builder running on the server, not affecting build agents)

Important: make sure BUILDWISE_MASTER URL correct and valid for lookup in server itself for distributed build. For Sequential Builds, the environment variables will be passed to test execution, common ones: BASE_URL, BROWSER.

Files/Directories to archive (relative to project root, separate by ';')

Optional. The files listed here, if present, will be accessible on the build page after the build finishes.

User Interface (control features of BuildWise for this project)

API (configuration for third party to interact with BuildWise server)

POST to /api/projects/agiletravel-full-build-rspec/trigger_build?token=SECRET_TOKEN. If the value is empty, no token is required.

Notification (notify the build outcome)

Yes   No
Yes   No
Send signals to Wemo Switch (has been configured in the same LAN as the BuildWise server) to turn on or off devices, such as Lava Lamps.
Yes   No
Post build status messages to a Slack channel
Yes   No